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Few words,

I would like to say thanks for: kids taking part in the project, Grażka of the Polish School of the Embassy in The Hague, teachers at our school who helped us a lot in achieving quite crazy ideas.

We went where we wanted.
We got to NASA, the Polish submarine, the Gene Bank, on a mission to Uganda to Antarctica.
We met amazing people … in the U.S., Canada, Koszalin and Spitsbergen. :) Travelers, journalists, scientists, artists, photographers, retired teachers and young people.

And despite the fact that the school received a laptops, from the Microsoft, packages of professional graphics software from Oracle, cash as the winner of the competition – I’m sure most important things we have received, not all things.

Regards. Anna Turnip

Barbara, thank you very, very much, your parents will be very proud of you;)

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As previously reported, the project has been given to the School in Nowa Wies Leborska. Why we have taken this decision? We want the project to live my life so that everyone can snatch a little pleasure with its implementation and to know joy, when the effort is noticed. We hope that the new creative implementers will take care of our ‘baby’.

FRIDGE knows more than half a million people around the world. We look forward to so many, but unfortunately we don’t know how many people have changed (even to a small extent) their eating habits and become more conscious consumers.

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